Simona talks about Wana - they say about us

REVIEW BY SIMONA, OUR CUSTOMER AND WANA LOVER Surely, at least once in your life (maybe just once!), you must have happened to buy a packet of packaged croissants at the supermarket, because you were attracted by the tempting packaging. On the packaging, in fact, you will certainly have been attracted by the razor-sharp, almost realistic image of a giant croissant, flaky, crumbly and [...]

Learn to smile more. Follow our tips.

Smiling is good for your health and helps you get through even the worst days. Discover 4 techniques to learn how to smile more often and live better. The benefits of smiling every day Smiling relaxes facial muscles, smoothes out wrinkles and makes us feel instantly younger, but that's not all. When we smile, the [...]

What Wana Protein Bars Contain

Good, healthy and cheerful. Find out what ingredients make Wana Functional Sweets so great. Read our article. Wana Functional Sweets are able to put you in a good mood because they contain everything you need to be happy and not be plagued by guilt! Don't [...]

Can you lose weight with chocolate?

You can lose weight without giving up taste, but first you need to know a few tricks to lose weight with chocolate in a healthy way. Read here. The Internet is full of articles describing the benefits of chocolate for our bodies and dispensing tips on how to lose weight with this tasty and aphrodisiac food. Slimming down with chocolate is [...]

Overcome the swimming costume test with 6 daily habits

Summer is approaching and you fear the swimming costume test? With Wana Functional Sweets you'll get back in shape without losing your good mood. Here's how. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and slowly the pandemic seems to be coming to an end. This summer 2021 promises to be perfect for enjoying life! How? You are not yet ready to [...]

How to fight insomnia

Beat insomnia with good humour. Discover our tricks for regaining the joy of life, resting well and waking up in the morning full of energy. Do you spend whole nights staring at the ceiling, and in the morning you are more tired than before and can't get your energy up? In all probability, you suffer from insomnia. It is not an illness in [...].

Healthy eating the 10 rules


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