Snacks are essential for children, not only to appease hunger between meals, but also to ensure a constant supply of energy and nutrients throughout the day. In this post from our blogwe will explore different options of healthy snacks for children that we can easily prepare at home, encouraging healthy eating habits from an early age.

Sweet and savoury snacks: ideas and recipes

Snacks do not have to be complicated or time-consuming to prepare. Here are some simple and nutritious ideas that the little ones will love.

Fruit and Creativity

Many children do not like to eat fruit. However, presenting it in a creative way can stimulate interest. For example, you could cut fruit into fun shapes or combine different pieces of fruit to create small edible works of art that stimulate both sight and palate.

Fruit-based snacks are an excellent choice for ensuring a supply of vitamins and freshness in children's diets. A simple but effective idea is to serve fresh fruit skewerssuch as watermelon, pineapple and kiwi, which attract attention due to their bright colours and are easy to eat even for small children. 

Another practical and tasty snack are the homemade popsiclesmade with blended fruit and a little orange or apple juice to sweeten naturally without the addition of refined sugars. 

For a snack combining fruit and protein, the crepes of wholemeal flour stuffed with bananas slices and a veil of peanut butter offer a balanced mix of taste and nutrition. Finally, a seasonal fruit salad with a touch of fresh lemon juice or a sprinkling of cinnamon can be a healthy and refreshing dessert after a meal or as an afternoon snack. These options are not only healthy but also help keep you hydrated, which is especially important in the warmer months.

Practical and nutritious snacks

For snacks to take to school or eat at home, consider options such as whole-wheat muffins, energy bars homemade, or simple wholemeal crackers. These snacks are not only tasty, but also provide a good supply of fibre and essential nutrients without excess sugar or saturated fat.

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Savoury snacks

Alternating sweet and savoury can help ensure that children do not get bored at snack time.

When thinking about healthy snacks for children, the options can be as varied as they are tasty. A simple but nutritious idea is the classic bread and oila traditional snack that can be enriched with a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of oregano to add flavour without overdoing the seasoning. 

For children who prefer something a little more substantial, the mini sandwiches with slices of turkey or ham and fresh vegetablessuch as lettuce and tomato, are a balanced choice combining lean protein and fibre. Another alternative can be homemade wholemeal sconesfilled with fresh cheese and leafy greens, which provide an excellent source of carbohydrates and calcium. These snacks not only satisfy children's palates but also contribute to a balanced and varied diet.

Engaging preparation

Involving children in the preparation of their own snacks is a great way to teach them the importance of a healthy nutritionas well as making them more interested in eating what they helped to prepare. This not only stimulates their autonomy but also strengthens practical skills in the kitchen.

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Healthy snacks for children are a fundamental pillar of a healthy lifestyle. Choose quality ingredients e involve children in the preparation not only ensures that they are eating nutritious food, but also helps them develop a positive relationship with food. 

Remember, the varieties is the key to keeping snacks interesting and healthy, so experiment with different ingredients and recipes to discover what your children like best.

We hope you find these ideas useful for preparing tasty and healthy snacks for your children!




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