How much dark chocolate a day: a guide to healthy consumption

Dark chocolate is known not only for its delicious flavour, but also for its renowned health benefits. However, it is essential to consume it in moderation to avoid excess calories and sugar. But how much dark chocolate per day can you eat it? Let's see in this article from our Blog the ideal quantity and its potential health benefits.

How much dark chocolate can you eat per day?

The debate on how much dark chocolate to consume on a daily basis is always present. Experts generally recommend a moderate portion of 20-30 grams per dayabout 2 or 3 squares. This quantity is enough to enjoy the flavour without exceeding the calories.

How many calories does dark chocolate have? Nutritional information

On average, there are 108 calories in 20 grams of dark chocolate.

According to theUnited States Department of Agriculture a 100-gram bar of dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa provides:


  • 604 calories
  • 7.87 g of proteins
  • 43.06 g fat
  • 46.36 g of carbohydrates
  • 11.00 g dietary fibre
  • 24.23 g sugar
  • 12.02 milligrams (mg) of iron
  • 230.00 mg magnesium
  • 3.34 mg zinc


Benefits of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, with its high cocoa content, offers health benefits when consumed in moderation. Some studies suggest that cocoa could contribute to improving heart health thanks to the antioxidants present. In addition, dark chocolate can positively influence mood due to the fact that it contributes to the production of substances such as serotonin.


This specific type of chocolate offers protection against cardiometabolic diseasesincluding type 2 diabetes and narrowing of the arteries, factors that may be responsible for the heart attacksthus helping to preserve the health of the entire organism.


Dark chocolate, defined as chocolate containing at least 45% of cocoa pastehas the ability to prevent various other disorders, ranging from hypertension to depression and insomnia.

The percentage of cocoa makes a difference

Black, bitter and dark are synonymous and refer to a chocolate containing at least 45% cocoa. Regarding the extra dark or 'dark' chocolate, the percentage rises to 70%, even reaching 100%.


The quality of dark chocolate often depends on the percentage of cocoa. Choosing a variety with a higher percentage means benefiting from a higher content of antioxidants and of less added sugar. Favour the purchase of dark chocolate with at least the 70% of cocoa to maximise the health benefits but don't worry if you sometimes indulge in chocolate with a lower percentage.

Responsible consumption and professional advice

While appreciating the benefits of dark chocolate, it is essential to consume it responsibly, without overdoing it. Consult a health professional or nutritionist to determine the optimal amount according to your specific needs. Every individual is different, and nutritional needs may therefore vary.

Taste and health in a bite of dark chocolate

Ultimately, enjoying a small amount of dark chocolate a day can add sweetness to your life without compromising your health. Choose a high quality variety and lend be careful with quantities is essential to balance the pleasure of taste with overall health.


Remember, moderation is the key. With judicious management of the amount of dark chocolate consumed on a daily basis, it is possible to enjoy its tasty flavour and health benefits without guilt and while maintaining a 'healthy' taste.healthy nutrition.

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