How to calculate protein requirements: a guide to a balanced diet


Wana cares about health and promoting a balanced diet, without obsessing. The correct amount of protein is essential for maintaining a healthy, functioning body. But how to calculate protein requirements optimally? In this article from our Blog, we will explore different aspects related to this calculation, providing useful information on how to adopt a balanced diet targeted to one's needs.

The importance of protein in the diet

Le proteins play a key role in the maintenance and in the tissue repairin the production of enzymes and hormonesand are fundamental to the muscular health. Ensuring an adequate protein intake is essential for proper functioning of the body.


Humans cannot survive without all nine essential amino acids. Proteins are essential for building bones and body tissues, such as muscles, but they do much more. Proteins participate in virtually every process in a cell. They play a role in metabolic reactions, the immune response, provide a source of energy, help in cellular repair, form blood cells and much more.

Determining the ideal body weight

The first step in calculating protein requirements is to determine the ideal body weight. This can vary depending on factors such as height, age, gender and intensity of physical activity performed. Using specific formulas or advice from health professionals, it is possible to obtain an accurate estimate of your ideal body weight.

How to calculate your daily protein requirement

Once the ideal body weight has been determined, the daily protein requirement can be calculated. Generally, an intake of approximately 0.8-1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This is how theEFSAthe European Food Safety Authority. Those who engage in strenuous physical activity may need higher amounts, while sedentary individuals may have to lean towards the lower end of this scale.

Protein sources and their importance

Not all proteins are the same. The protein sources vary in terms of quality and amino acid composition. The animal proteinssuch as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products contain all essential amino acids. The vegetable proteinson the other hand, may require careful combining to ensure a complete amino acid profile.


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Adapting the diet to individual needs

Besides the level of physical activity, other factors influence protein requirements, such as health conditions, pregnancy, lactation and growth. Adapting the diet to these specific needs is essential to ensure adequate protein intake at all stages of life.

Monitoring protein intake and adjusting the diet

Once the protein requirement has been established, it is important to monitor the actual daily intake. The use of apps or food logs can be useful for tracking the amount of protein consumed. Based on the results, adjustments can be made to the diet to ensure an optimal balance.

Balance and health through correct protein requirements

The calculation of protein requirements is an essential step in adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. A diet adequate in protein not only supports muscle health but also helps maintain a balanced body weight and support vital body functions.


In conclusion, understanding how to calculate protein requirements is crucial for making informed food choices. Consult a nutritionist or health professional can be useful to further customise the diet according to individual needs, ensuring optimal protein intake for sustained health.

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