Christmas is just around the corner, how to maintain a healthy diet during the festive season?
Holidays are a special time of year when we gather with friends and family to celebrate and share happy moments. However, these occasions are often accompanied by an abundance of particularly calorific foods and drinkswhich can make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy weight.

In this articlewe will explore how it is possible enjoying the festivities while still taking care to eat a healthy diet. By following a few simple tips, you can avoid post-holiday guilt and feel fit and energetic.

Mental preparation to maintain a healthy diet during the festive season

To be successful in maintaining ahealthy nutrition during the festive season, it is essential to start with the right mindset. Often, culinary temptations can be irresistible, but with determination and will right, it is possible to make intelligent food choices.

Meal planning for healthy eating during the festive season

One of the keys to maintaining a healthy diet during the holidays is meal planning. Take time to planning holiday meals in advance. Think about which healthy dishes you can include in your menu and look for delicious but nutritious recipes.
In addition, be careful with meals that do not involve conviviality. Eating leftovers from high-calorie dinners and lunches implies the introduction of many calories into the body.
Prefer lighter, balanced meals before and after a family lunch or dinner.

Healthy eating during the festive season: tips

During the festive season, there are often many options available on the table. Here are some smart food choices to make to avoid excess calories:

Avoid aperitifs

During Christmas lunch or dinner, it is best to resist the lure of aperitifs. Yes, those little tempters may seem harmless at first, but they contribute to ingesting a large number of avoidable calories. Let the main courses shine, without the unfair competition of aperitifs. Leave the aperitifs for another time of the year.

Resisting the buffet temptation and maintaining an appetite for the main course is a good strategy for healthy eating during the festive season.

For healthy festive eating, choose moderate portions

Opt for moderate portions to avoid overeating. This will allow you to enjoy the dishes without overindulging.

Small plate, small portion: this is one of the keys to not overdoing it and enjoying everything on the table of Christmas. Put small portions on your plate and choose, if possible, a fairly small plate so that you feel like you have eaten more.

Favour lean proteins

Le lean proteinsuch as the turkey or the fishare good options for a healthy meal. They are rich in protein and low in fat.
Ideally, the main course of the meal should be a lean meat (turkey, chicken, duck) or a good fish (sea bass, sea bream, hake, monkfish) prepared in the oven. This reduces oil by baking and avoids calorific sauces. As a garnish, it is best to accompany them with some grilled or baked vegetables.

Avoid fried foods and prefer fruit and vegetables

Fried foods are often very calorific. Choose baked, steamed or grilled options. They will be easier to digest and lower in calories.
Make sure you include plenty of fruit and vegetables in every meal. They are rich in vitamins and fibre, which will help you feel full and have a healthy diet during the holidays.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol has many unnecessary calories which can be avoided by interspersing glasses of water between those of alcoholic beverages and preferably opting for wine instead of cocktails or high-alcohol spirits.
It is best to reserve champagne or sparkling wine for the final toast. This advice is not difficult to follow and is very practical for maintaining a healthy diet during the holidays.

Moderation, not deprivation

Having a healthy diet during the holidays does not mean depriving yourself completely of culinary pleasures. It is important to indulge in a few delicacies, but to do so in moderation. For example, you can certainly eat a small piece of cake, nougat or a glass of wine without going overboard.

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If you don't want to get fat you must not skip meals. Otherwise, one goes to the table hungrier and feels more anxiety about choosing less healthy food.
Although people often tend to skip dinner during these holidays, restricting oneself is never a good solution, even if one has been snacking all day outside meals or has accumulated many calorific dinners and meals. E it is not advisable to go to bed without dinner.

Maintain physical activity

During the holidays, it is easy to neglect physical activity due to busy schedules and social gatherings. However, it is important to try to maintain a good rhythm of regular physical activity. Even a walk after a meal can help maintain an active metabolism.
Undoubtedly, this is one of the keys to keep in mind. At Christmas, let us not forget exercise that one does on a regular basis. Be it swimming, running, walking. It is important to avoid sedentariness and increase calorie expenditure with physical activity.

Manage stress

Stress can lead to unhealthy food choices. It is worth looking for ways to manage stress during the holidays, such as meditation, yoga or relaxing time with the family.

Therefore, it is possible to enjoy the festive season without compromising your health and well-being. By following smart meal planning, making wise food choices and maintaining regular physical activity, you can maintain a healthy diet during the festive season. Always remember to indulge in a few treats in moderation and manage stress to ensure a balanced and enjoyable festive holiday.




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