Learn to smile more. Follow our advice.

Learn to smile more. Follow our advice.

Smiling is good for your health and helps you get through even the worst days. Discover 4 techniques to learn how to smile more often and live better. 


The benefits of smiling every day 

Smiling relaxes facial muscles, smoothes out wrinkles and makes us feel instantly younger, but that's not all. When we smile, our brain releases endorphinschemicals with analgesic and stimulant properties that heighten our alertness. see the bright side of everything. Learning to smile more often, then, makes us feel good about ourselves and the world, but when you see everything black, letting go of a liberating smile is not as easy as it sounds. Yet, smiling is so natural that just getting used to it every day can improve your mood exponentially. 


How to learn to smile more often 

To learn to smile more you have to train every day, just like you would with running or weights. Daily training makes the action of smiling easier and more immediate, and after a few weeks you will do it naturally, without having to stop and think about when and how.
Let's find out together some tricks to avoid being overwhelmed by the pout! 


  1. Look in the mirror and smile 

When you're whisked out of bed in the morning by the dazed sound of your alarm clock and you know that a hard day's work awaits, a smile is the last thing on your mind. As you look in the mirror and brush your teeth, though, find something funny about your face and force yourself to smile. 

Do you look like a blowfish with toothpaste in your mouth? Is your hair shaggy? Dark circles under your eyes make you look like a panda? Instead of panicking, laugh at yourself and every flaw will disappear in a second. 


  1. Smile when you find symmetry  

This may sound like a very abstract concept, but the world around us is full of symmetries. While you're waiting for the subway, for example, look at the platform and look for two ladies dressed similarly, you're sure to find them and you've also found a symmetry between two perfect strangers. Do you see a car the color of your shirt? That's a color symmetry. Do you see a poster at one intersection and also at the next? Symmetry! 

I mean, look around, identify something like that and... Smile at your own wityour day will start off on the right foot and you'll be very more confident


  1. Smile at those who smile at you 

Smiling is contagious. As soon as you hint at a smile, there is someone across the street smiling back at you. Smile again in a more accentuated way and it triggers a subtle game of looks and smilesThe good mood is assured and with it all the advantages of start the day with a nice dose of endorphins. in the body. 


  1. Break out a WaNa bar 

Have you tried all three of these tricks, but still think your day is going to go wrong? Then you're a complex case, but don't despair, we have a solution for you too. 


When you feel like everything is falling apart, that you're worthless, and that you're collecting failures, sit down for a second, open your purse, and have a WaNa Functional Sweets.. Rest assured, you're not about to gorge yourself on junk food, because WaNa snacks are protein and healthy, with no added sugars, trans fats, gluten, GMOs and no palm oil. With just the right mix of crunchiness and creaminess, they open the door to an ecstasy of taste, from the moment you bite into the wafer to the moment you let yourself be overwhelmed by the cream, and smiling becomes an unconditional reflex, that puts you in a good mood and makes even the worst of days better. 


Learning to smile with WaNa Functional Sweets is even easier if you choose the flavour that lights up your cravings. Discover the products available and take a bar with you at all times that will put you in a good mood. 

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