Definitely at least once in a lifetime (maybe just once!), will have happened to you to buy a packet of packaged croissants at the supermarket, as they were attracted by the tempting packaging.

On the packaging, the sharp, almost realistic image of a giant, flaky, crumbly croissant will certainly have caught your eye: THE FILLING.

From the photo we see that filling so abundant of cream that even drips (again pictured) like a fountain when it splits into two parts.

But let us turn to reality.

We open the envelope of our croissant, which at a glance, still bagged, already looks as if it has undergone a washing machine wash at maximum temperatures that has shrunk it considerably.

But we do not give up. We open the envelope and extract our succulent croissant with hazelnut cream.

And so, caught up in the excitement of seeing how the abundant hazelnut filling drips, we open the croissant in the centre, in two parts.

A RABBIT POO seems to be glimpsed in the distance, lost in the mix.

Hard as stone. Tasteless. FAKE.

The packaging really teased us.

But fortunately not every product that is advertised and hailed turns out to be a disappointment for the buyer.

I am talking about the WANA.


A packaging to die forwhich is a complete departure from the classical prototypes of the food.

The colours are the protagonists. Everything is a rainbow of flavours.

Each colour, all strictly pastel, marks a specific taste.

  • BLUE stands for Fondant Coconut.
  • ROSA stands for White Chocolate and Strawberry.
  • YELLOW stands for Fondant.
  • BROWN (which is then a Beige, Tortora, Walnut...whatever BROWN) stands for Gianduia.
  • GREEN stands for Pistachio.
  • ORANGE stands for Salted Caramel.


A frosted wafer wafer encloses a cream filling.

Of course, we are still talking about a product without added sugar and with a very good protein quota (14g per snack) and is Gluten Free.

Well, since we don't have very good experiences with fillings, let's see what their official website wants to anticipate.

"With the overflowing cream, the crispy wafer and the chocolate enveloping you'

"We fill our protein snacks to the brim because life is never full of cream and taste'.

"Waffand'Cream contains so much cream that every bite is an explosion of taste, softness and pleasure."

With this in mind, we just have to try them out.

I decide to start with GREEN. Pastel, of course.

The snack, freshly opened and taken out of the packaging, brings us back to one particular, very famous snack, Duplo.

Ready to replicate the croissant tactic? Good. Two hands, centre pressure and CRACK!

It doesn't seem real to me.

Green (pastel) cream poured, with the precision of a sniper, onto my newly bought white Converse.

Now my hands are all sticky. And green (pastel eh!).

I would say that the croissant episode can be well and truly over.

With WANA WAFFA AND CREAM...CREAM sure fitsand it is also too much.

Not to mention the crispy white chocolate iced wafer.

Everything perfect and to the point.

Now we wait for the company to surprise us with the new flavour coming out: Peanut Butter and White Chocolate.


Maybe Turtledove. O Pastel Camel?


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