Alice for Children is a non-profit organisation that has been working in Kenya since 2006 with the aim of lifting children from degradation and poverty in the slums of Nairobi.

For the third year running, Wana is supporting Alice for Children in its participation in the Wizz Air Milan Marathon with the RUN for Digital School project.

The 22nd Wizz Air Milano Marathon will start and finish in Piazza del Duomo on Sunday, 7 April, with a route of around 19 kilometres through the city centre, passing by iconic Milan sites such as La Scala, Brera, San Babila, Castello Sforzesco, City Life and Portello, and then on to QT8, San Siro, Trenno and the Gallaratese area, before returning to the Duomo.

There will be more than 230 runners affiliated to Alice for Childrenwho will participate in the Milan Marathon relay and marathon event.

In each runner's bag and at the Alice for Children stand there will also be Wana with her delicious sweets and a gift for those who participate in the event! 🤩

This year, the funds raised during the marathon will go to support the Alice Digital School project, which aims to bring digital education into the hands of deserving young people in the slums of Nairobi.

The goal is to build a fully equipped computer area in the Korogocho school for 30 students, giving them the opportunity to learn, grow and aspire for a better future.

Do you also want to contribute to the Milano Marathon?

You can make a donation to the fundraiser:



Alice for Children celebrates the start of the first phase of the 'ALICE DIGITAL SCHOOL' project in the Korogocho slum, Nairobi, Kenya

Aims and context: The project aims to increase access to secondary education and vocational training for the most disadvantaged young people in the Korogocho slum, a community that faces challenges related to difficult family histories and precarious living conditions.

There is still a long way to go and many things still need to be done to activate Alice Digital School, such as building new classrooms and computer labs.

Alice Digital School offers boys and girls from the slums of Nairobi a tangible opportunity for a future away from the despair of the dump. Thanks to this initiative, they will have access to a comprehensive education and specialisation in the digital field, opening the door to promising job opportunities in a steadily growing sector of the Kenyan market.

Implementation of the current curriculum:

In cooperation with prestigious institutes such as the Moringa School and the Africa Digital Media Institute, and thanks to the support of valuable Italian partners, the project launched advanced digital courses. The students attended the first lessons to acquire fundamental computer skills. As the course continues, they will tackle in detail operating systems, programming languages, the use of writing packages, as well as social media management and multimedia content production.


Continuous support for students:

the project aims to provide not only quality education for the students, but also to award scholarships covering school fees, medical care, meals and transport. A dedicated social worker will offer constant support to the students, addressing social and family difficulties, especially concerning girls. For the 10 most vulnerable students, board and lodging are also guaranteed.

Next steps and dreams of the future:

Although there is still a long way to go, the progress achieved so far indicates that we are heading in the right direction.

ALICE DIGITAL SCHOOL represents hope for the future of the young generation in Korogocho. As the children begin to study in the newly completed computer room, the dream of a concrete future outside the slum begins to take shape.


Here are the words of Diego Masi

president and founder of Alice for Children.

"We thank our partners, the communities involved and all those who contributed to this significant achievement. Together, we are creating opportunities and changing the destiny of young people in Korogocho."

President and Founder of the Association, Diego Masi


"We at Alice for Children have been here since 2006, in the slums of Nairobi, which rise around the largest open-air dump in East Africa, trying to give the children of this area a better life. 

First we offer and guarantee food, medical care, clothing and basic education. For the most unfortunate and mistreated, we also provide shelter, in our two orphanages, where they can feel protected and loved. 

Because we at Alice for Children know all our children - one by one - and we love them, just like children. 

Over the years, however, we realised that this was not enough: after leaving secondary school, many of them returned to the slums and their former life, miserable and without a future. We realised that only through a more comprehensive education can we make a difference! Only a programme that reaches the end of high school and beyond, up to professional specialisation, can really guarantee them a better future. And turn them into well-prepared young adults, able to face the challenges of the working world and overcome them.

And so, when normal long-distance adoption paths normally end, ours continues with the high school and two academies that we have created, which are unique in their kind: the Italian cooking academy, which allows you to immediately find a job in the Kenyan restaurant world, and the digital academy, which allows you to be an active part of the digital transformation that Kenya, like the whole world, is undergoing. In fact, our students who have graduated from the Master of Italian Cuisine course, now five years old, have all already found jobs! But it is only thanks to those who support us and believe in us - people and companies - that make our dream possible: to have more and more young people employed in beautiful professions. From slum to job: our motto, your success". 

President and Founder of the Association, Diego Masi 


The denied rights of Nairobi's slums

Slums are the place where human rights, even the most basic ones, are trampled upon and humiliated on a daily basis, and the basic necessities of life denied. The children of the slums, and with them their families, have no access to drinking water, a daily meal, electricity, or a sewage system.

Their houses are piles of mud and sheet metal and one room must suffice for the whole family. The level of unemployment is very high and causes serious consequences: drug dealing, theft, robberies, murders, lack of food, lack of access to medical care and education.

In this terrible scenario, it is always innocent boys and girls who, being born and growing up in such an environment, almost never perceive the real gravity of the situation. This is why we decided to start a campaign for slum rights, acting with concrete and practical actions towards members of the community, fighting to guarantee their rights.


Wana for Alice for Children

Wana continues to support Alice for Children by donating, for every Wana product purchased by its customers, a meal to a child in Kenya.

To date, and thanks to your help, we have donated around 11,000 meals! 🙏

We would also like to send the children of the Alice for Children schools some school supplies in addition to our products for their snacks.

For this Milano Marathon, as every year, we donated 360 products.

To keep up to date with our social commitment, continue to follow us on our social channels and website and check out all the Alice for Children projects on the website





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