At a time when the focus on a healthy and balanced diet is becoming increasingly widespread, we often come across food labels promoting 'no added sugar' products. But what does this wording really mean and how can it influence our food choices? Let's find out together in this article from our blog.

No Added Sugars: definition

The words 'with no added sugar' refer to food products to which no sugar has been added during the production process. This includes any kind of calorific sweetener, be it sucrose (table sugar), fructose (fruit sugar), glucose, dextrose, syrups and honey, among others.

It is important to emphasise that a 'no added sugar' product is not necessarily sugar-free. In fact, many foods naturally contain sugars, such as fruit and milk. Therefore, the wording only refers to the absence of artificially introduced sugars during the manufacture of the product.

Why is sugar bad for you?

A excess sugar in the diet can have negative repercussions on health due to several mechanisms. Firstly, high consumption of added sugars contributes to increased risk of obesityas sugars are high in calories and can lead to excessive energy consumption if not balanced with physical activity.

In addition, excess sugar promotes the onset of type 2 diabetesIt interferes with the body's ability to effectively manage blood glucose levels. This condition can also accelerate the development of cardiovascular diseasesincreasing blood pressure and promoting the accumulation of fats in the blood, such as triglycerides. 

At the dental level, sugars contribute to the formation of caries, feeding bacteria in the mouth that produce acids harmful to tooth enamel. Finally, excessive sugar consumption can lead to reduced insulin sensitivity, promoting a state of chronic inflammation and disrupting hormonal balance, both factors associated with a wide spectrum of chronic disorders. Therefore, moderating the intake of added sugars is crucial to maintaining good health and preventing metabolic diseases.

Why choose products without added sugar?

The choice is therefore quite obvious, opting for products without added sugar can have several health benefits. Reducing theadded sugar content in the diet helps to limit the risk of developing chronic diseases and also contributes to maintain stable blood glucose levels and to promote more natural and less industrial food.

How to recognise products without added sugar

To identify products without added sugar, it is essential to read the nutrition label carefully. In addition to the explicit wording 'no added sugar', it is important to check the list of ingredients for any added sugar or sweeteners. Furthermore, comparing the sugar content of the product with that of similar products can offer further confirmation of its genuineness.

Watch out for the rest of the nutrients

While choosing products without added sugar can be a positive step towards a healthier dietit is essential to be aware of all the other ingredients that make up the food. Some products may contain no added sugar but be rich in fat, salt or calories


Opting for products without added sugar is a conscious choice that can contribute significantly to improving the quality of our diet. However, it is essential to adopt a holistic approach to dietfocusing not only on the amount of sugar, but also on the overall quality of the food we consume. Reading labels carefully and varying the diet are the keys to promoting lasting well-being.

Remember that each individual has unique nutritional needs. Therefore, for personalised advice, it is always best to consult a nutrition professional.

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