What WaNa Protein Bars Contain

What WaNa Protein Bars Contain 

Good, healthy and cheerful. Find out what ingredients make WaNa Functional Sweets so great. Read our article.  


WaNa Functional Sweets can put you in a good mood because inside you'll find everything you need to be happy. and don't let guilt get the best of you! They are free of trans fats, palm oil, gluten, GMOs and added sugar, but you already knew that. What you may not know is that we've carefully selected each ingredient to make you feel good about yourself and the world. Here's what you'll find in our protein snacks: 


Wafer to say things out of the way 

Biting into the WaNa Functional Sweets wafer has a cathartic power. You know when you're going through a tough situation at work or with your family, and you feel helpless in the face of difficulty? Biting into a WaNa bar waffle makes you realise that you have to take life head-on, talk it out of the teeth.. When you finish your WaNa, you realize how easy it is to bite the bullet and get the better of it, and you deal with life the same way: without too much spin, but by going straight to the heart of the problem and solving it once and for all. 


Chocolate to put you in a good mood 

Needless to say, chocolate has a lot of benefits for our mood and well-being. WaNa products are protein Functional Sweets, but their cream is made from real chocolate and provides the body with the full mix of vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, theobromine and tryptophan contained in cocoa beans. These substances they activate serotonin and they make you feel better immediately, even after a hectic day where you feel like everything is falling apart. 


Chocolate is a natural anti-depressant and you only need to eat a small amount to feel energised straight away! 


Protein for the strength to overcome any obstacle 

Protein is essential to give our bodies the energy they need to produce the hormones that keep us fit. 

In addition to being good because they have a crispy wafer wafer and chocolate cream, WaNa Functional Sweets are rich in protein. that are good for our skin, hair, muscles and internal organs. Plus, WaNa snacks are free of palm oil, gluten, trans fats, added sugars and just give you positive energy without weighing you down or making you fat! 


Taste to satisfy the palate 

No, WaNa snacks are not your usual protein bars that taste like cardboard. What's the point of eating healthy food if you're just going to get sad and disgusted? With WaNa products, every bite is an explosion of pleasure because the cream tastes like your favorite foodsstrawberries, pistachio, coconut, gianduia, salted caramel... Close your eyes, listen to your inner voice and choose the flavour that best suits your day: energy and the desire to rock the world are guaranteed! 

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