When to eat protein bars to stay well

A protein bar saves you in the most unthinkable moments. Find out when to eat a protein bar to feel good, smile at life and beat embarrassment.

A protein bar is a healthy and nutritious food, facilitates weight control, helps you stay in shape and if you choose a Functional Sweet you can also get out of awkward situations and smile at life. In the Functional Sweet the cream will put you in a good mood, the taste will put a smile on your face and the crunch will break through the discomfort, to change the course of your day and bring back the sun. Do as we do: stop eating protein bars only in the gym or when dieting, and discover 5 unusual moments when a Functional Sweet changes your life!

  1. At the meeting

You are stuck in a gruelling meeting that has been going on for hours, your boss has been talking for over half an hour about the same thing and complaining about cosmic nothingness. His voice suddenly stops, he looks straight at you and is about to call you out on it when your furtive hand pulls a white chocolate and pistachio protein bar After more than three hours in a meeting, no one will deny you a small snack, and with a bite of your favourite Functional Sweet you can in one fell swoop:

  • Treat yourself to the delicious taste of real chocolate
  • Eating something healthy, without gluten, without sugar, without OMG, without palm oil and without all that junk that common snacks contain
  • Having your mouth full and not being able to answer your boss's questions
  • Smile because once again you managed not to take an embarrassing stance in front of your colleagues.
  1. At the cinema

First date. Pizza and a movie, a classic. You haven't been out alone with a man in about three years and can't remember what a dinner for two is like. Strong from hanging out with friends, you order a double pizza with tuna and onions and top it all off with a nice glass of dark beer, only to realise that your breath is reminiscent of a Liverpool dockworker on a Friday night. Too bad the evening isn't over and the intimacy of the cinema awaits. With a Functional Sweet nothing can embarrass you. Bite into a white chocolate and strawberry protein bar and you'll be as charged up as a teenager in the midst of a hormonal crisis, ready to tackle everything from a new romance to halitosis!

  1. At a checkpoint

'Get your licence and registration'. Panic assails you. The driving licence is in the pockets of this morning's jeans. The libretto, what is it? But should I look for a small book? Ah no, it's a yellow and blue sheet... but dark or light blue? I can't find it, it's not here, but on the other hand I found this!

And magically from the glove compartment appears a dark chocolate protein bar. Give her a bite and that little bit of speeding will no longer be a problem.

Some have tried offering it to the police to get them to take away the fine, but we advise you to eat it all yourself: you pay the fine, while the joy and good humour that a Functional Sweet puts you in is priceless!

  1. On lunch break

Everyone out for lunch today, a place opened that makes a phenomenal Thai version of broccoli soup!

Your thought is one: 'Are you serious? With all the good and tasty things you can eat for lunch, you spend half a salary to eat broccoli soup?' Of course you can't say that out loud, especially since your manager, who is considering your request for a raise, is a vegetarian with a penchant for oriental cuisine.

Lucky that you always have a Gianduja Waffand'cream and you can avoid the broccoli soup with a simple 'sorry, I'm in a hurry and would rather eat a quick bar here at the office'.

Empty desks, total silence and you can finally indulge in a moment of enjoyment by nibbling on a Functional Sweet in the face of your colleagues and their broccoli soup!

  1. In the gymnasium

Exercise is important, that's why you go to the gym twice a week and avoid like the plague the group of vain Palestinians who are in the weight room on Tuesdays and Thursdays doing lifting competitions. Today is Wednesday, what are they doing here? More importantly, why do they want to convince you at all costs to prove that you are less strong than they are? Sure, you could go home, but without too much of a fuss, you can sit down and munch on a chocolate and coconut Functional Sweet, look at them condescendingly and reply "can't you see I'm taking a break?". Dodge weight competition, gym-goers out and taste guaranteed!

WanaFood Functional Sweet are more than a protein bar: they are an ode to serenity! You can eat them to stay fit, but they taste even better if you bite into them at the most awkward moments, because their taste erases all discomfort and makes you feel good about yourself.

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