Dr Desiree Giordano

"What can I say, goodness! Nothing to do with commercially available bars.
Although they are low-carb bars, the taste makes them irresistibly good!!!
Excellent compliance between nutritional values and taste.
I recommend them to everyone who wants to keep fit but doesn't want to give up a treat 🍫'

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Maria Rosaria Zaccagnino Gravina
'I love Wana Sweets products because, apart from having an inimitable taste, they are nutritionally balanced, rich in protein and without added sugar. ...
Dr Giorgia Adele Arina
Why did I choose to recommend WANA products? I have chosen to recommend WANA products because, as a consultant, I know very well how important it is, even during nutritional re-education, ...
Dr Desiree Giordano
What can I say, goodness! Nothing to do with the bars that are commercially available. Although they are low-carb bars, the taste makes them irresistibly good! Excellent compliance between n ...
Dr. Mirko Ragazzini
The WANA SWEETS products have really impressed me. In my outpatient practice, where I find it necessary and useful, I recommend WANA SWEETS because in addition to their ease of use and the taste ...
Dr. Luca Consolandi
The common opinion among my patients is that WANA bars are great. They are convenient, practical, delicious and have a wide variety of flavours. There are no other bars on the market that are as good and co ...
Dr. Marco Gallizioli
I met Wana a couple of years ago while looking for food products that I could use in the ketogenic diets I prescribe for my patients. If I had to give a professional opinion, the ing ...
Dr Elena Ferrara
I have tasted some of the Wana Sweets products first hand and found them to be delicious! This company is a delightful oasis for those who want to satisfy their craving for sweetness without co ...
Dr Esposito Gilda Maria
Wana bars are in my opinion a very good compromise for those who want to keep fit without sacrificing taste. Unlike other protein bars, they are not pasty, but rather creamy and ...
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