Summer is approaching and you fear the swimming costume test? With Wana Functional Sweets you'll get back in shape without losing your good mood. Here's how.

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and slowly even the pandemic seems to be coming to an end. This summer 2021 is expected to be perfect for enjoying life!

How? Not ready to come out of winter hibernation yet? At Wana, we have adopted 6 daily habits to awaken our senses and dive headlong into the ultimate carefree season. Let's discover them together.


1- Smile more

A fit body depends not only on curves, but also on our facial expression. Who is always sulkyə has more wrinkles, dull skin and an innate propensity to push happiness away. When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and smile to yourselfə. It may sound strange, but seeing a smile unconsciously puts us in a good mood. If you learn to smile even outside the home, when waiting for the tram, when entering the office, when eating a sandwich, you trigger a virtuous circle that instils joy and you live more serenely.ə!


2- Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate

Yes, chocolate helps you get in shape, because it contains polyphenols with antioxidant and immune-regulating properties, but that's not all. Cocoa, the basic element of chocolate-flavoured products, also contains psychoactive substances that help control anxiety and provide feelings of pleasure. Beware, however, not all chocolates are equal!

In addition to raw cocoa, in fact, many products also contain cocoa butter, sugar and other fattening and fattening elements. So yes to chocolate, but the good kind and healthy, like the chocolate in Wana Functional Sweets products.


3- Do a physical activity you enjoy

Physical activity is good for your body and mind, but you already knew that. What you may not know is that there is more to it than running and the gym. Our bodies reactivate our circulation, reawaken our muscles and get back into shape even without breaking our backs in the weight room or running kilometres with breathlessness. If sport is not really your thing, proof physical activities alternativessuch as a walk downtown for shopping, lifting the sunbed at the beach and, why not, sex: satisfaction is assured and staying in shape comes accordingly.


4- Cultivate friendships

What's the point of being fit if you're going to be closedə in the house all summer? Call a friendə you haven't heard in a long time and inviteə for coffee, or organise an aperitif with old comradesə of school. Spending the evening laughing and joking about the maths teacher's bad jokes is the best way to facing summer in the right mood.


5- Drink plenty of water

Our body is 60% composed of water, which evaporates in hot weather. In the summer months, therefore, you have no excuse and must drink a lot, not only to have a more elastic and hydrated skin. Water in the body is like petrol: if you go dry you can no longer maintain concentration, you are tiredə, assonnatə and discontent. Find a water bottle you like, made of aluminium or recycled plastic, and take it with you to stay energicə and lively!


6- Eat healthy

We have advised you to eat dark chocolate, but this is not enough. To keep yourself fit and in a good mood, you have to have a healthy, balanced diet every day.

So make way for vegetables and fruit, which give you all the vitamins and minerals you need and provide your body with a good amount of water. Better, on the other hand, cut down on foods rich in fats and carbohydrates, as well as products containing palm oil, GMOs, sugars and trans fats, all of which weigh the body down and do not help us stay in shape. Many of the healthy foods taste like cardboard and clash with our desire to smile, but if you find the right product, your mouth will also be satisfied.a.

Wana Functional Sweets products, for example, contain no GMOs, no palm oil, no trans fats, no added sugars and not even gluten; they are full of cream and really taste like chocolate to help you smile at life, day after day.


Warningsprolonged consumption of Wana Functional Sweets products helps one to disregard the judgement of others and gets you through the swimming costume test without having to go on a diet from here to eternity!

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