Beat insomnia with good humour. Discover our tricks to regain the joy of life, rest well and wake up in the morning full of energy. 

Do you spend whole nights staring at the ceiling, in the morning you are more tired than before and can't get your bearings? In all probability you suffer from insomnia. It is not an illness in the strict sense of the word, but it is still a disorder that ruins your days, makes you tired, irritable and in a bad mood. The causes of insomnia are several and among the main ones are undoubtedly stress and anxiety, which fill your head with bad thoughts and do not let you rest as you would like. 

Against insomnia there are many solutions, from homeopathic drugs to medicines, from eastern relaxation techniques to the ancient mantra of 'counting sheep'. At Wana Food we are convinced that all these methods can be effective in the short term, but there is only one thing that defeats insomnia permanentlyhappiness. Being satisfied with life, feeling fulfilled and finding gratification in one's daily routine helps one to go to bed happy, rest well and get up in the morning with a smile on one's face, ready to face new challenges and seize new opportunities. 

The path to happiness is a long one, we know. True happiness is a state of mind that is arrived at after years and years of positive and negative experiences, reflections on the meaning of life and, of course, sleepless nights. Our advice is to start with rest in order to find the right path to your happiness and fighting insomnia once and for all. Here are some techniques that worked for us: 

  • Fight insomnia with a film 

Loose ends that turn into matters of state, small unforeseen events that look like catastrophes, slight pains that become omens of immediate death. Who suffers from insomnia knows all the negative facets of any event and can think about it for hours in bed while trying to get to sleep. Have you ever thought about those who are worse off than you? One idea to help you fall asleep is to watch a film where the protagonists have similar or worse experiences than yours, identify with their situations and wait for the happy ending: like in any self-respecting film, the characters in our favourite movies find happiness and you can learn from their experiences to find your own! 

  • Fight insomnia with the help of friends 

'A pain shared, is a pain halved' goes an aphorism. Why then not fighting insomnia with the help of friends? When you can't sleep, send a message on Whatsapp to your network of contacts, almost certainly someone is awake and like you doesn't know what to do to get to sleep. A nice chat can lift the mood for both of you, strengthen your friendship and make you fall asleep with a smile. 

The special tip: to make your late-night chat even more interesting and cheerful, organise it as if it were a real outing. Decide to wear fancy pyjamas, choose whether to drink a classic herbal tea or dare with a glass of wine, and remember to have a Functional Sweet on hand that makes everything more pleasant, even sleepless nights! 

  • Fight insomnia with numbers 

We mentioned the 'count sheep' technique as a solution to the insomnia problems. We have actually tried it too and it works, but sometimes it is not enough. If you suffer from chronic insomniatry counting the marks on the wall, get out of bed and count the books in the bookcase, sit on the terrace and count the white cars that pass by and, if all this is not enough, try going out for a walk and count the broken street lamps in your street: we are sure that on the third one you will start yawning and can't wait to get back under the covers to sleep. 

  • Fight insomnia by eating 

If you can't get to sleep and also have some stomach cramps, in all likelihood you are not suffer from insomniabut you have eaten badly during the day and your body is trying to let you know this by keeping you awake. In this case, you can either treat yourself to a tasty snack that makes you stop being hungry, but weighs down your stomach and doesn't let you sleep again, or choose a Functional Sweets that gives you the right amount of nutrients with the added taste of cream. If you still can't fall asleep after a Functional Sweet, there's only one thing you can do: eat another one and wait for morning to come, lulled by the sweet, melodious sound of the chocolate coating melting in your mouth and the crispy wafer wafer crackling in every bite. 

If you really can't sleep, you might as well enjoy it, right?



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